Robel, Alatheus

Barrister & Leader, Company of the Hawk


A man who wasn’t long in the Hawk’s Court, but who quickly rose in the ranks. Became the Hawk’s Master of Laws by acclaim of his Small Council in 5196 AR, a few short years after arriving in Crust.

After the Hawk’s untimely sabotage and the subsequent destruction of most of his inner circle, Robel has been recruting, haranguing, and cajoling others in support of restoring Naturalis under the aegis of the Hawk’s former rule. Has had some moderate success buying promising slaves and allowing them to earn their freedom by conducting dangerous tasks (what some might task suicide missions).

Robel’s “Company of the Hawk” has managed to recapture the castle at the center of Crust, but his power base is tenuous. It is said that Robel has been sending letters to emissaries across the kingdom to rally support for his cause, but his ability to repel any assault on the Royal Holdings is unsustainable.


Robel, Alatheus

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