Kingmaker: Regicide

Murque Murder Trial
A quarter past judgement!
Royal City Guard of the Inheritor’s Hand Formal Criminal Report

Lead Officer: Francis Numesti
Assisting Officers and Deputies:
Lt. Theodor Crimmins
Bradley Jones
Travis Pal

Following several reports of a disturbance at the Murque Lodge eyewitnesses were rounded up and gave accounts of Baron Lech W. Sisso storming the lodge with several accomplices including a human male with several revolvers, a human woman with handaxes, a bald halfling male (Henry Otherbee), a badger, and a human male in robes.

A team was assembled and sent out to apprehend the individuals responsible. Several bodies were found at the scene with gun wounds and blade wounds. The victims were identified as connected to the body found strung up on the wall of the keep. Baron Sisso as well as several unidentified individuals with matching freed slave marks were taken into custody and charged with twelve counts of murder. Suspects were identified as Baron Lech W. Sisso, Sir Urgok Blooka, and Henry Otherbee. No resistance was given during incarceration.

Following a court proceeding that found the defendants innocent of the numerous charges of murder all the defendants were set free save for Henry Otherbee the bald halfling male who admitted to being an escaped slave was executed by quatering. The case remains open as the search for this vigilante gunman continues.

Adventure 1: October 15 2013

Francis turned to stone. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall, as a God in a different realm once said. Orcs overrun the city. Our adventurers are sold into slavery, and then let loose inside a castle/dungeon to fight some orcs and goblins.

Fr. Roman Kaminski's Journal 10-22-5200AR
Ze One Where I Paralyze and Drag From Castle

[Translated from Sylvan]
Dear Kinushka,

My journey take me to darkest place, and my eye have seen big horrors. I begin zis joornal vit Kaminski prayer:

Ze path ahead iz dark,
Ve vill find ze solid footing
Ahead zere is a bark
and a friendly canine woofing!
Little Zunder, tail iz vagging
he vill lead you to ze hero!
So raze a glass! and grab a girl!
Please dont spill your bier-OH!

Ven I arrive in Crust it vas joyful time, such celebration of size iz not seen in Restov, or at very least, has not been in many years. Party zis vay, party zat vay, party everywhere! But all changed. Ven King fell from sky zere vas mega explosion. Ze vorld became red, zere vas nozink left in ze arena but shadow. Vhere ze King fell, zere was now statue of him reaching to heavens and an evil sound could be heard over ze screams of ze survivors. Zis voice was deep, it was ze voice of true evil, and it said nozink. Ze voice… it just laugh.

Hundreds of Orcs came rushing into ze stadium, killing ze people and enslaving all zose who would bend zere knee. I am ashamed to admit zat I too became a slave. I had no choice! I promise you my Kinushka! I vould have fought if zere had been a hope in ze universe… My only goal was to survive to fight for ze freedom of ozzers. If Crust, ze Jewel on ze Lake, Capitol of all Naturaliz could fall so easily to such a dark power… there will be touzands more people’z chains to break anozzer day. I pray each day for ze strength to fight and destroy ze evil… and enough ale to see it trough, of course!

What happen from zer is like bad dream after 2 kegs of rotten Issian ale zat I try very hard to remember, but cannot vit detail. I vas branded, zis I know. Zen I vas brought to castle to retrieve artifacts for my slave master in exchange of my freedom. Zis slaving bastard…He vas strange man, and it all happen so fast. Who’s side iz zis man on? I tell you I know not. He speaks promises of freedom and making appearancez, but he iz a bastard all ze same. I vas enslaved vit ozzers, 2 barbarianz. Vone is a nasty mangy voman whose name I cannot spell. I vill refer to er az Al-a-lie Pepperyugo (she has already threaten my life). Ze ozzer barbarian iz a hilarious half-orc who I like ver’ much name Bloodka. Zen, zere are two sorcerers. One is very silly man and goes by ze name Lech Sisso. Ze ozzer is more my stlye, he seems to be a ladies man just like me. His name is Dimitri. We have also in our party a rogue who tellz petty fortunes! He is amusing man. Lastly, zer is a tiny person name Henry Ozzerbee who sounds like drunk navy captain, but is never drunk. It is, how you zay, a motley crew of funny men and vierd woman!

I rest now in ze Abbey of Cayden Cailean in Crust, recovering from devastating wounds gifted to me by an orc warchief outzide ze castle. Zo zere are many of us, ve barely escaped. Before even entering ze castle, I was cleaved nearly in half by giant orc-man. I believe it vas only Cayden himself keeping me alive at zat moment. After a potion of healing I vas able to restore myself, zo ze damage zat had been done… it left me paralyze. Zere was much fighting in ze castle vit fiends of all sizes! Large ogres, goblins, and orcs! By ze stein of Cayden I have little idea how ve made it out alive. When battle finish Al-a-lie, Pepeyoug, vhatever; she carry me out of castle on large piece of vood. I am unfortunately in her debt. Lech was able to hoodvink ze orcs in town to let us pass and I now share ze finest ale in crust wit my holy brozzers while my movement iz restoored. My alliez have left me here, and I know zere are more in ze castle… I can only pray to Cayden for guidance and strength in ze face of zis great evil. Oh… I almost forgot. Ze leader of ze orcs, we heard iz name from vone of ze hoodvinked orcs. Iz name…is Bardock.


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